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The Missed Trees are an alt-folk duo from Birmingham who've been gigging around the Midlands since mid 2022

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About US

Our second EP, Resist, was released in September. It's a collection of songs tackling tough topics of scapegoating refugees, racism and dictatorships, but all done with a great sense of melody and songwriting craft.


Joe Peacock has become known as a genre-hopping storyteller in his career as a solo artist, but met Louisa Davies-Foley through singing together in a choir and they started playing as a duo in 2022. This collaboration has taken his songs to another level with their voices blending superbly and Louisa’s background in traditional music combining perfectly with Joe’s more alternative roots. 


Louisa has played in a number of West Midlands based folk bands including Elfynn, The Dirty Old Folkers and Amaranth. They use carefully crafted harmonies and fiddle parts to augment and add new possibilities to Joe’s creations. 

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Solitude EP (spring 2024)


Red Lion Folk Club, Kings Heath 14th February 2024

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